Prairie Hawks Volleyball

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Prairie Volleyball Club shall be to develop volleyball skills, promote sportsmanship, inspire respect for the rules of the game, to promote friendship in a competitive environment, to aid and encourage the development of youth in the belief that the giving of one’s self in service to her team will advance the well-being of the team, the club, the Prairie volleyball program, and the USA Volleyball Association. 

Club Season

The typical club season is from mid-November to mid-April.  Tryouts will be held in October.  Pre-season club meetings will take place in November.  Practices will begin at the end of November/early December and will continue until the team has finished their tournament season, which is typically around regionals. 



Practices for all teams will be twice a week.  These will be Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  This may vary due to district wide gym availability.  Attendance at all practices is very important and missing even one player often affects the entire team.  If a player is unable to attend, please contact the coach at least one hour prior to the beginning of the practice session so the coach can plan accordingly. 

Club Fees/Payments (Dues)


Dues are determined by several factors such as the experience of the coach, tournament selections, etc.  Our goal is to keep the dues between $400 and $700.  Dues cover payment for coaches and tournaments.  Additional expenses will include:  $50 membership to Iowa Volleyball Region, Uniform top (approx. $80 for two), black spandex or black gym shorts (spandex are around $20), kneepads, shoes, socks, and optional clothing that can be purchased such as a warm up suit however this is not required.  Expenses to attend Regionals in Des Moines will be in addition to the dues and will include the hotel stay for player/parents, hotel stay for coach, meals/mileage for coaches, etc.   These expenses will be divided among all team members.   

Dues for teams that choose to have other tournaments out of state may be higher to accommodate higher tournament fees.  These teams will also have the additional expense of hotels for parents/players/coaches. 

A $60 registration fee is due upon return of the player information form.  This will be credited to your daughter’s dues upon placement of a team.  (If not placed on a team, the check will be shredded).  If your daughter is placed on a team and declines placement, the deposit will not be refunded. 

An additional startup fee will be due on the night of the Kick-Off meeting which is held in November.  This will be credited to your daughter’s dues.  The remainder of the dues will be collected on a schedule determined by the treasurer but is usually divided into three payments starting in January. 



5th/6th grade will have placement practices to give each girl the opportunity to earn a spot on a team.  During placement practices players will be evaluated by several of the Prairie coaches.  Coaches want to make certain to match up player’s level of experience and skill.  There are two teams at this grade level—black and orange with 8-10 girls on each team.   7th and 8th grade will have their season coaches evaluate with use of a rubric as well as one night of a placement practice.  These grades will have 2 teams-black and orange with 8-10 girls on each team. 

We ask that if a player declines their spot on the team they let the club know as soon as possible so her spot can be filled.  PVBC does follow the commitment rules as outlined by the Iowa Volleyball Region. 



Each team will participate in 5-7 tournaments for the season.  A team can sign up for more; however will be responsible for the additional tournament fees.  This also needs to be approved by the coach.  Tournaments are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays.

Each player is responsible for their own transportation to tournaments. 

Each tournament site typically has an admission fee ranging from $3-5.  Food may or may not be permitted.  Sometimes parents/spectators are asked to bring their own chair.  Tournament information will be shared with parents at least a week beforehand. 

Sixth-eighth grade will have the opportunity to participate in regionals which is usually held in Des Moines.  Each team is responsible for covering the fee for this (usually around $500), hotel for players/parents/coaches, etc. 



Coaches for each team will be announced at the end of October/early November.  Typically some of the coaches are from the high school and middle school programs.  All head coaches have volleyball experience.  Coaches can also include former Prairie volleyball players or players from area colleges.  Assistant coaches may include current Prairie varsity or junior varsity players. 


Club Rules and Code of Conduct


A code of conduct will be signed by each player prior to the start of season.

Participation as a member of the PVBC is a privilege.  Players and parents are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner to reflect highly on themselves, their teammates and coaches, and the Prairie Volleyball Club.  Any behavior by a player or parent which violates the code of conduct and is determined to be inappropriate as determined by the PVBC Board of Directors in their absolute discretion is grounds for immediate termination of further club participation.  Each player/parent will have an opportunity to address the board.  If dismissed from the club, any unpaid fees must still be paid to the club.


Playing Time


Players are not guaranteed equal playing time.  Playing time is determined by the coach.  Coaches will also assess the strength of each player to determine where an athlete best fits the lineup.  Each player will receive the same level of instruction and attention during practices from the coaches, which would give her the opportunity she needs to improve her skills.  If a player is concerned about her playing time, she should contact the coach after practice.  Parents are not allowed to contact coaches during tournaments to discuss playing time. 

Kick-Off Meeting


Once a player makes a team, there is a lot to do before the season starts!  This meeting is held in November.  An email with specific details will be sent to each family regarding paperwork, etc. that needs to be completed.